We provide businesses with a range of talent advisory and consulting services to board directors and senior executives across iGaming, Esports, Financial Services and Blockchain companies. One of our main areas of expertise is strategic talent solution for succession planning including where to start and what to consider when setting up a new office.

Whether the requirement for succession planning is a simple risk mitigation exercise or a more complicated one. We often find there is a lack of identified internal talent with the requisite future capabilities, potential and aspirations. It is also critical to benchmark internal talent against external prospects to best assess all available future leadership options for your organisation.

We partner with our clients to provide a fully integrated strategic management solution suited for senior leadership and business critical roles. By understanding your business first and then reviewing, mapping, identifying, qualifying with exceptional external talent, we are able to provide you with a few highly qualified future external successors to complement your internal talent pool.

Our Talent Advisory practice has a wealth of experience in talent management strategies with proven in-house experience leading succession planning and talent strategies in large global organisations.

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