Leading iGaming operator

Location: Malta

We’re looking for a Marketing Manager – German speaking. Someone who knows and understands the market landscape of Germany inside and out, realises the nuances of the local market and is on top of competitor, industry trends and happenings that present market opportunities to increase our market share and brand profiles.

As Market Manager, you will serve as the guru and a guardian of that market, feeding the business with learnings using both first- and third-party qualitative and quantitative player data, market-related research, competitor and industry insights and general market developments. Through these insights, you’ll advise on localised opportunities to ensure our approach is one that will resonate with the market.

Job responsibilities

  • Provide the robust, strategic direction to move the market forward, in alignment with core business objectives
  • Share market-level industry developments, provide competitor analysis, give insight into what others are doing in the market to keep the marketing and product teams in-the-know for Germany
  • Share vertical industry developments, give insight into what others are doing in the market to keep the marketing and product teams in-the-know for Germany
  • Ensure that the products and offerings are attractive for the local market(s) and in-line with the local culture and demand, by feeding back to the Product, Casino and Player teams
  • Monitor market-level KPIs, reveal market trends and insights, and give structured feedback on campaigns, creatives and initiatives as they relate to our owned data
  • Ensure that local initiatives and campaigns, are briefed with clear objectives and value propositions, are constructed with ROI top-of-mind, and are executed and running without error
  • Own and optimize the local market plan through direct input from the in-house teams, as well as external partners, as it serves to guide internal and external marketeers in their delivery of campaigns and executions
  • Contribute to global campaign strategies and initiatives and drive the local adaptations, ensuring optimal relevance and implementation
  • Be up-to-date with local compliance regulations and feedback on concerns and pull in compliance managers to input and support when needed
  • Translate the business objectives into market-level opportunities and objectives
  • Establish an approach for optimising publicity and serve as the point-of-contact for local press
  • Own the market-level forecasts, budgets and ensure we’re on course with a plan to meet our targets
  • Proactively propose new local partnerships for investigation and consideration


  • A business-minded problem solver who can find opportunities for growth and create strong business cases to justify exploring such opportunities
  • A proud German who “gets” the culture better than anyone. You are confident that you know exactly how to communicate with and attract players.
  • A strategic planner who can create a market-level plan based off of the current needs of the business and the local market
  • A collaborator who can advise our internal teams to navigate the current local market conditions and leverage opportunities
  • A sharp set of eyes, which can input on design and copy from a local standpoint to ensure that the brand message is on-point for the market
  • A data-centric thinker who turns to data and research before pitching ideas or drawing conclusions
  • A strong communicator.
  • An open-minded, quick learner who’s prepared to work in a lightning-fast environment.
  • Someone with extensive experience in a similar role with proven results of driving exponential growth.
  • Holds a degree in business or marketing.

Nice to have

  • Good understanding of marketing in a transactional web and mobile environment 
  • Experience of process driven operations 
  • Holds a degree in business or marketing.


Please apply as soon as possible via the form below and make sure you include your LinkedIn profile. We screen all applications continuously.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please do not hesitate to contact Kim Gehrke at: kim@talentxd.com